Aiper Scuba E1

Brand Aiper

Aiper Scuba E1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Scuba E1 is among the most efficient, most robust cordless robotic pool cleaners designed specifically for above-ground pools thanks to its powerful tri-motor system.


Tri-Motor System

Bumper Protection Safeguards Your Pool and Device. The Scuba E1 doesn’t just clean, it protects your pool from unwanted wear, tear, and damage thanks to the anti-collison bumpers around the device.


The dual-motor-driven rear wheels enable seamless adaptation to obstacles in all above-ground pools, preventing the robot from getting stuck during operation.

Drainage Motor

The additional drainage motor delivering suction power of up to 60GPM.

One-Click Activation for Easy Usage

No complicated setup, no confusing starting process. Click and forget. Cleaning is now as simple as pressing a button and watching the cleaning happen before your eyes.

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