AKG Drum Set Premium

289.571 RSD

Brand AKG

* cena bez pdv-a

Drum´s first class aid

Dostupno kao narudžbina na zahtev

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AKG Drum Set

The Drum Set Premium reference drum microphone set is a hand-selected collection of the highest-quality microphones for touring, live and studio applications. The rugged metal carry case houses a range of the best AKG microphones made for capturing miking drums while simultaneously ensuring safe transportation wherever you go. The Drum Set Premium is hand-selected in Vienna, Austria and contains the following 8 world-class microphones:

1 x D12 VR dynamic bass drum microphone, 1 x C214 matched pair condenser microphones for overheads, 1 x C451 B condenser microphone for Hi Hat, and 4 x D40 dynamic instrument microphones for snare and toms



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