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Brand Neutrik

4 pole female chassis connector, metall housing, solder contacts

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SpeakON STX serija je posebno dizajnirana za zahtevne relacije pojačala-zvučnika poput profesionalnih touringa. izuzetno robusna i izdržljiva serija STX ima potpuno metalno kućište.

Karakteristike :

  • Extremely robust metal housing designed for harsh and demanding environment
  • Ideal product for touring applications and harsh environments
  • Current rating 40 Amp continuous, 50 Amp audio with 50% duty cycle
  • Uses precise “Quick Lock” system
  • Mates with all currently available speakON products
  • Weatherproof built-in gasket meets IP 54 protection class in mated condition
  • 4 pole version has UL Recognized components, CSA listed
  • 4 type range – also male cable connector and female receptacle on 4-pole version

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