Venus X1

117.426 RSD


*cena bez PDV-a

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X1 is video processing for every day applications. A revolution in compact processing, X1 features the unique RGBlink modular signal system allowing users to fit a wide range of signal options in up to three slot positions.

X1 combines seamless fade in fade out with advanced scaling technologies for applications from events to digital signal.

On board features include PIP/PBP presets, digital video transitions between sources and EDID management is built in for enhanced compatibility, while output resolutions may be customized to requirement.

Control X1 from the front panel, with large illuminated buttons for signals and OLED display, or control and configure via the dedicated desktop software or RGBlink XPOSE mobile.

Control compatible LED Sender Cards directly from the X1 menu when Sender Cards are fitted into the dual slots provided.